Why do you need OFFUNDO?

We know that spreading bread is a tedious, expensive and time consuming process. That is why we designed and developed the OFFUNDO.

Intended to be simple and easy to use the OFFUNDO two-part utensil is revolutionary in the sandwich making industry, providing a faster technique of applying spread when compared to using a knife, and a much cheaper option than more automated systems.

Using an OFFUNDO will reduce your production time resulting in a fresher and more profitable product.

Most of our customers realised a return on their investments within a week!

Benefits and advantages of OFFUNDO.


Ring the changes in your sandwich making! OFFUNDO is great with softened spread and butter, but its’ versatility means it works just as well with mayonnaise, soft cheese, peanut spread, chocolate spread, butter icing, etc.


The fact that it requires no power, has no cumbersome leads, and can be easily moved from one workstation to another means you can use it wherever you want.

Compact and convenient

Due to its size, OFFUNDO. is ideal for small working areas, where space is at a premium.

More Hygienic

By helping to prevent cross contamination from crumbs and other ingredients, and because the unit encapsulates the spread, OFFUNDO provides a more hygienic option in the sandwich preparation area.

Food Safe and Dishwasher Safe

Easy to clean with just hot soapy water, or just place in dishwasher.

We believe OFFUNDO’s unique design and the many benefits it provides will change the way sandwiches are made and help your business to achieve significant cost savings.

OFFUNDO Stainless: each unit is unique and is made in catering grade stainless steel (304). Robust in design, ideal for high volume catering needs.
OFFUNDO “Bellis” is the lighter weight version, manufactured using food safe acrylic, dishwasher safe.

Both are manufactured in the UK.

Both will consistently save you time and reduce costs.