The Product

Our Unique product is like nothing else on the market… take a look below!

OFFUNDO comprises two parts i.e. the HOPPER and the PLUNGER.

Your choice of spread, butter, mayonnaise, soft cheese, etc. should be mixed to a spreadable consistency and loaded into the OFFUNDO.

The OFFUNDO spreading blade is 11cm in width facilitating an even and consistent spread on to sliced bread with one pass. It will spread wraps, baguettes, rolls and many more bread and cake products.

OFFUNDO is dishwasher and food safe.

We know that spreading bread is a tedious, expensive and time consuming process. That is why we designed and developed the OFFUNDO.

By providing a faster, more efficient technique of applying spread, your production time will be reduced resulting in a fresher and more profitable product.

Most of our customers realised a return on their investments within a week!

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