Let us introduce OFFUNDO to you…

OFFUNDO is UNIQUE – You will find nothing like it elsewhere on the market.

It is 5x faster than a knife!  (Take a look at our chart on the “Why do you need OFFUNDO?” article page on our website).

It has been designed by a sandwich maker specifically for sandwich makers.  Its simple design resulted from years of experience in busy high-volume catering kitchens where speed and efficiency were as important as the quality of ingredients in the sandwich.  It will easily spread an average loaf of 20 slices of bread in less than 30 seconds …. i.e. it is 5 times faster than a knife!

OFFUNDO Butter Spreader comprises two parts – the HOPPER (where the spreadable product is placed), and the PLUNGER (that uses thumb pressure to expel the spreadable product through the base of the Hopper onto the surface of the bread).

We have two types of OFFUNDO available:

OFFUNDO Stainless: our first and original unit, manufactured in 304 catering grade stainless steel.

This sandwich spreader is a very robust piece of equipment, ideally suited for large volume sandwich making.

Each unit is hand welded and hand finished ensuring the very best quality for your business.

OFFUNDO Bellis: our new addition manufactured in bright colour, lightweight and food safe acrylic.

This butter spreader is ideal for the smaller catering establishments, clubs, pubs, outside caterers, schools, and busy homes.

Although lighter, it still punches over its weight with the same spread speed and matches slice by slice the more robust stainless version.

Both OFFUNDO Stainless and OFFUNDO Bellis units are dishwasher and food safe.

We know that spreading bread is a tedious, expensive and time consuming process. That is why we designed and developed the OFFUNDO.

By providing a faster, more efficient technique of applying spread, your production time will be reduced resulting in a fresher and more profitable product.

Most of our customers realised a return on their investments within a week!

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